Little Nest

Product & Package Design


Create and design a product and its packaging.


Little Nest is a macramé hanging planter craft kit that I decided to create after noticing the lack of pre-packaged Do-It-Yourself plant kits on the market that included more than rocks, moss, and a planter. This product provides the consumer with all the ingredients to customize and hand make a hanging planter of their choosing without the fuss of shopping around for the supplies in various stores; it is intended to make a great housewarming gift for women over the age of twenty who are moving into a place of their own and have a hankering to create their own décor without spending too much money.

The packaging comprises of floral patterns screen printed on kraft-coloured cardboard. The shape of the box is faceted to mimic the look of macramé on a planter, as well provides stability to hold the shape of the planter inside.

Skills Used: